Popcorn Pals

We’ve had a flood of new DVDs recently, and we feel like bragging about it (seriously, some of them are totally awesome).  Some of them have been ordered by our instructors, but a lot of them were selected by our Information Librarian.  Sit back, relax, and get your popcorn ready!






Have a suggestion for purchase?

Spring cleaning is not for the faint of heart in libraries.  Your cupboards and “under the stair space” at home have nothing on us. Not only do we clean in the traditional sense but we weed occasionally, too. It’s the collection development librarian here, and it’s that time of year where I send certain books out to pasture, books that are a few decades old but have enough dust to suggest they’ve bebooks_happinessen with us for centuries. Anyway, long story short, we have some room for new stuff (p.s. the weeds are always available for free just inside our doors). If you’re a Keyano student, staff or faculty member, now’s your chance to suggest books or DVDs to purchase.  We can’t promise every suggestion will make the cut but we do our best to make you happy.  Give us your suggestions through our online forms.


Sharpies & Romance Novels

Settle down romance novel lovers, no one is defacing real books with a sharpie.  Turns out teens interested in joining the Toronto Public Library’s “Anti-Valentine’s Day Anti-Party” can create their own anti-romance book cover with copies of romance novel covers.

The Globe and Mail reports not everyone is pleased with the idea of anti-romance novel covers.  One romance novel author states that [she] “cannot condone the destruction of reading materials in this fashion with the explicit intention to mock, marginalize, abuse and denigrate the romance genre.”  The Toronto Public Library was quick to point out that real books were not being used.

Read the full article for details about the event and the controversy it’s stirred up!

On this day in history…

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Public Library

The year was 1903 when Andrew Carnegie offered the City of Toronto $350,000 to construct a public library. Chances are you’ve seen a Carnegie library  but would you recognize it? Carnegie’s donations led to 125 public libraries across the country between 1901 and 1923.  Visit the Toronto Public Library Digital Archive for more fantastic images. In honour of such an important part of library history, here’s a list of the most recent history books in our library (no history of libraries, unfortunately).

(Photo courtesy of the Toronto Public Library)

Magazines…we have them.

To the Keyano staff member who admitted to spending hundreds of dollars on magazines each year in grocery store check-out lines, STOP IT! Staff and students can take out our magazines (but be forewarned, we keep a tight watch on the whereabouts of Cat Fancy).  Here’s a very small selection of magazine titles available for borrowing:

  • Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning
  • albertaviews
  • Maclean’s
  • Kitchens & Baths
  • Fortune
  • Consumer Reports
  • Chatelaine
  • Men’s Health
  • Downhome
  • Macworld
  • The Hockey News
  • Runner’s World
  • Chatelaine

Come by the Library and see the full selection….you’ll be surprised…